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More than branding consultacy. Brandocracy is a concept.

Behind any brand stand people. Brandocracy is a concept about those people, perceptions, and decisions that use the power of a brand in a way that integrates both the business and brand objectives, involving the marketing strategy, leadership, organizational culture, and customer experience.


The Values that define Brandocracy


We feel responsible for the economic environment where we act and believe that it can only evolve through a continuous exchange of knowledge. This is why we are continuously looking for information and inspiration, while we give back guidance and best practices. Our experts are up to date with trends in business, branding, and marketing. Mentoring projects are an important part of Brandocracy, be it for marketing people, entrepreneurs, startups or companies just starting their journeys.


At Brandocracy, we like to leave the beaten tracks and explore new territories of ideas and possibilities in branding and business growth. Keeping an open mind is what guides us in our searches, uncovering new, out of the box, valuable methods for our clients.


The Brandocracy inclusive method is an innovative approach in branding, taking into account all aspects that a brand comprises: brand building and positioning, brand design, marketing strategy, customer experience, and employer branding. We also bring innovation in the work process and through our out-of-the box thinking. Sometimes, our solutions are unexpected, only to meet the unpredictability of the economic environment.


We never step back in front of challenges. We take motivation from them and seek novelty because we are confident about our abilities and knowledge. We don’t hesitate to speak our minds openly, with the risk of telling our clients things they don’t like to hear, as long as it is in their best interest. We don’t tolerate compromises that would affect the quality we deliver.


The solutions we recommend are authentic and come from a true understanding of the client’s needs because we’ve also experienced them as part of the marketing, brand and management teams in both large and small companies. What we offer are not pieces of advice, but genuine, personal involvement in building the branding guidelines.

The 20+ year experience in growing brands enables us to find the personalized solutions suited for each company’s profile and business need. Just as everyday life finds us filling various roles, our Brandocracy team is there to take up the necessary roles in defining the optimal growing path for the brand. The recommendations we make are authentic, cultivated by expert hands, derived from best practices and a good understanding of the market. Through the years, our experts have won, together with the marketing teams they worked with, multiple EFFIE Awards for the efficiency of marketing campaigns for the brands we’ve coordinated.

As entrepreneurs, we understand and relate to the challenges business owners and top executives face everyday. We take our work seriously and act responsibly. We partner with our clients in their branding and business missions, making sure they reach their destinations. We tend to brands that belong to startups or corporations with the same passion and care.


We’ve learned to build brands both from the inside and the outside, which gives us the leverage of knowing the mechanism while working with a fresh, outer look.

Our approach is to grow brands together with their teams, involving all the relevant audiences and communities. Engagement and connection are two major guiding lines that we follow, making sure that the brand and business objectives complement each other.

Anca Rarău

Anca Rarău


Alexandru Ion

Alexandru Ion


The voice of our clients

Our clients come from various industries such as healthcare, construction, IT, financial, education, culture or hospitality. It is their experience that best speaks about what we can do for you. Here are the words of some of the business owners and top executives who entrusted their brands to us.

For over 4 years, we tried to build internally a communication strategy that would speak about the ideas, projects, values and services we offer. All this time, however, we felt that something was missing and that we manage to communicate only partially what we intended. Right after we started working with Brandocracy, Anca Rarau applied a method that brought out the red thread of our organization and enunciated it in a complete and remarkable way. This ensures us that the target audience understands our products faster and better. Anca also helped us with recommendations for the marketing strategy, which translated into business advantages for the company, shortly after having implemented them. I strongly recommend the Brandocracy method to any organization that undergoes the process of redefinition or re-invention and who wish to develop their brand nationally, even internationally.

— Răzvan Voica, co-founder & CEO

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