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Areas of Expertise

Brand Design

The first impression based on someone’s or something’s appearance matters more than we would like to admit. We experience it almost every day with the people we meet. The same mechanism applies to brands. The way a brand presents itself visually creates that first perception in the client’s mind, that will stick for a long time.

The brand positioning is incorporated in the visual concept that speaks about what the brand means, what its purpose and values are, to whom it speaks.

We seek to understand what lies behind the business objectives, the feeling of a place, people’s mindsets. In order to find the accurate expression of a brand, we sit and listen to our clients, engage in meaningful conversations. Our brand design process is very much about getting to know each other, building on trust and openness.

How we create the Brand Design

We start with the research, to find out about the brand positioning, strategy, the audiences. We sit and talk to you to learn more about the expectations, business vision, the company, and its key people.

We identify the best visual expression of the brand and create application examples for all the necessary media. In the end, we build and deliver a visual identity strategy, a branding manual with rules regarding how to correctly implement the visual identity, templates for online and offline use.

Other Areas of Expertise

Wishing to offer personalized solutions, we developed an innovative, integrated method of branding and business modules based on our areas of expertise.