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Areas of Expertise

Business Sparring Partner

Running a business bears many challenges and responsibilities. Meeting so many expectations and making daily decisions can be overwhelming when you are a business owner, CEO or a Member of the Board. As entrepreneurs, we understand the pressure and question marks. We also believe that by sharing your vision with someone who has also experienced making top level decisions and designing business strategy, can help clear the mind and lighten the path ahead.

Our expert will engage in one-to-one talks to help you find the answers you are looking for. Thus, you will benefit from an alternative perspective and knowledge on market dynamics, strategic recommendations, and business opportunities. This way, your decisions will benefit from an extra objective point of view and market intelligence.

We can extend the sparring partnership to Marketing or Human Resources teams when necessary, in agreement with the company’s management.

How we do Business Sparring Partnership

We conduct individual working sessions and one-to-one talks with the company’s key people, focusing on business strategies, marketing, and organizational culture.

We can also engage in mentoring sessions on choosing the right business strategy or other specific matters.

Because it is important for us to share what we’ve learned, we can also organize workshops and/or specialized meetings with the marketing team.

Other Areas of Expertise

Wishing to offer personalized solutions, we developed an innovative, integrated method of branding and business modules based on our areas of expertise.