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Areas of Expertise

Customer Experience

On a market where the rhythm of innovation is dazzling, technology is available to most competitors and customers have hundreds of choices at hand, what convinces them to choose your brand? It’s the experience they live while interacting with it. Think of the process as setting a meeting with a key person in your life. You need to find the right place, the right moment, the right things to say.

We start with these questions: „what does the client expect from your business?”, “what is the promise he expects your brand to make and keep?”. We’ll help you find the ways to meet and exceed those expectations through an extraordinary brand experience.

We’ll find together with you the key messages your customers and potential clients need to hear. They may meet your brand at home, on the Internet, in a shop or while walking the street. We’ll trace those steps and find the key points of interaction, then „draw” a map so that your customers can experience the best journey your brand has to offer.

How we build a Customer Experience Strategy

We start with thorough research on customer satisfaction and brand perception. We use existing available studies, internal or external. We can also partner with specialized research agencies for more in-depth, extensive studies.

We identify the categories of touch points: spaces, visual elements, general atmosphere, people interaction. We talk with the key people involved in creating the interaction between the client and the product or service: designers, architects, process coordinators, location managers, and many others.

We talk to actual clients. We think like your customers and foresee their journey when experiencing your brand.

In the end, we build and deliver the Customer Experience Strategy comprising customer journey recommendations and suggestions for feedback instruments. These instruments have already been tested and implemented by important companies who chose to follow our guidelines.

Other Areas of Expertise

Wishing to offer personalized solutions, we developed an innovative, integrated method of branding and business modules based on our areas of expertise.