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Areas of Expertise

Digital Design

Most of today’s conversations are online. Not only between individuals, but also between brands and their audiences. A brand with no online visibility is unlikely to be relevant and reach all its categories of public. This is why Digital Design complements our efforts in brand building and positioning.

Once the brand visual identity is created, we can implement it for online communication: website, social media templates, digital presentations.

Digital design is built on two important coordinates, in addition to the brand visual identity: the User Experience and the User Interaction. It is not enough for a website or application to look pretty, it has to be easy to use, intuitive, to make the user want to stay and discover more. This is also part of the experience a brand offers. It can represent a differentiator, the right argument to make a choice.

How we create the Digital Design

We start by studying the audience and the customer journey in the digital environment. Based on the brand visual identity, we build templates for websites, landing pages, blogs, online shops, social media communication, app frameworks and so on.

We deliver the set of digital design templates and a guide of good practice rules to implement them correctly. We can also conduct User Experience and Customer Journey workshops to assist the software development agency to implement our templates in accordance with the brand identity.

Other Areas of Expertise

Wishing to offer personalized solutions, we developed an innovative, integrated method of branding and business modules based on our areas of expertise.