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Areas of Expertise

Employer Branding

In his book, ”Outliers: The Story of Success”, Malcolm Gladwell wrote that ”It’s not how much money we make that ultimately makes us happy between nine and five. It’s whether or not our work fulfills us.” This is why some companies strive, others struggle, even with similar efforts to communicate and impress.

We believe that the ”magic” ingredient that makes brands grow and shine are the people behind brands. By this, we understand all the people in contact with the brand: owners, employees, clients, various communities influenced by it. The most relevant stay, however, the employees, who are the energy behind any business.

For us, Employer Branding means a thorough process that puts the organizational culture at the center of the company’s life. ”Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, said Peter Drucker; this is what happens in the companies where organizational culture is mostly about big words and headlines, while employer branding falls behind. For a business strategy to be well implemented, you need to create a culture that inspires people to believe and live the company’s values. Your employees need to feel appreciated and happy to be part of your business.

It is about how people interact, how they are treated, listened to, asked for opinions, about how acceptable it is for the employees to talk about situations, problems, and solutions. Employer Branding is about belonging, work relationships, leadership. We do not believe in inspiring quotes displayed on the company’s walls. We seek how proud those people are to work for you, what they are saying about your brand and whether they put their hearts into everyday work.

It is a long term process that does not happen overnight in some workshops, online courses or two-three months trainings. Results can only come from a long-standing, quality experience of applying employer branding in real life circumstances. Our way of building Employer Branding is to give people a sense of their own value through definite actions that already proved their effectiveness. These actions are in line with the brand DNA, leading to changes in behavior, level of involvement and, finally, relevant numbers. We apply what we’ve already implemented successfully in the companies where we worked, even before “employer branding” became a buzz-word.

How we build an Employer Brand

We look for those people in your company who can assist directly with the discovery of the key elements, the development, and implementation of our recommendations. We coordinate the forming of the project team.

Together with them, we analyze and define the Employer Branding concept. We conduct in-depth talks with the top management team because, even though we involve different categories of employees in the process, the important actions and changes need to be implemented in a top-down approach. We work side by side with the people who will trigger the change and carry it throughout the entire organization. This way, we define together a new work philosophy, a new way of interacting and living the company’s values. We conduct or coordinate an internal study through interviews and surveys.

For complex studies, we partner with research experts and specialized companies, to validate our hypothesis and strategic paths. Following the input, we evaluate the current organizational culture.

Next, you obtain the defining of your target organizational culture, with our recommendations for what needs to be achieved.

At the end of the process, we deliver an Employer Branding strategy and a set of directions and actions for the internal and external communication that will help the company reach its target organizational culture. We integrate the latest trends in the industry, best practices, and our own expertise gained in years of real-life actions and results.

Other Areas of Expertise

Wishing to offer personalized solutions, we developed an innovative, integrated method of branding and business modules based on our areas of expertise.