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Georgiana Iancu

Management & Marketing Strategist

With an experience of 15 years in marketing and more than 5 years in management, Georgiana started her career as early as the university as an entrepreneur in her own advertising agency. The last 10 years her career is tightly connected with roles and projects in the area of marketing and communication in the software industry. Her main fields of expertise are branding, product marketing, corporate communication & PR, CSR, M&A communication. With an innate passion for marketing, people and business, Georgiana is currently working for her own consultancy firm, as well as a collaborator with Brandocracy, bringing her expertise to companies and projects from various industries.

She has developed and coordinated successful strategies to promote company brands and also software services and products in Romania and abroad, for verticals like retail, public sector, telco, and transportation. Her latest role and projects are focused on driving and developing leadership programs, management communications frameworks and employer branding strategies. Starting with 2015 she has contributed to developing and delivering training programs on leadership, management communication and corporate culture that are enabling the organization and the top management to achieve its key objectives. She has managed to build one of the first inhouse Communication teams in the local Cluj IT industry, covering responsibilities from employer branding to event management, content marketing, digital communication and recruitment advertising.

Georgiana’s passion for marketing and the desire to enrich the community of marketers and share the knowledge, drove her to co-create a learning program focused on marketing and communication in IT and from 2018 she has been delivering this program as a co-mentor. In this role, she also offers coaching and guidance in building a career in the field.

Since 2018, Georgiana has joined the strategic advisory board of Yuppi Camp to support them in building a more sustainable growth strategy, refine their communication approach and open new doors for collaboration with corporate donors.

Georgiana has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in advertising from the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca and currently is attending the WU Executive MBA program with the Vienna University.

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The Brandocracy concept employs a unique, integrated approach to branding: from brand building, strategic marketing, and employer branding to customer experience strategy, digital design, brand design, and business sparring partnerships, all these having in focus the business numbers and objectives.

We know very well that branding is not mainly about products, clients and competition. It is, first of all, about being different, authentic and relevant in every aspect of your business. It is why we envision the larger picture and that is how we look at brands. No matter what area of our expertise you need, we come with solutions that have a positive impact for both the company and the people.

We get to observe and work with brands in various industries, thus we understand the complexity of running a business. As knowledge integrators, we bring to our collaborations best marketing and brand positioning practices and a thorough market understanding. The aim is to support the business growth while building upon a foundation of significance.