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Petruța Țuliga

Product Development Strategist

Petruța has gained expertise in employer branding and product marketing for SaaS digital solutions and IT companies in over 7 years of working in marketing.

Throughout the time, she dived into various projects in different industries while collaborating with international companies such as Google, Apple, DHL, Electrolux. She also coordinated and provided marketing consultancy for organizations in Austria and the UK.

Petruța’s vast experience covers the coordination of employer brand campaigns, the design of internal communication strategies, rebranding processes but also the launch of two SaaS software solutions. Lately, her focus shifted on entrepreneurship, allowing her to gain more knowledge about business management, pitching, monetization strategies, and business models.

She has experience in working with various frameworks such as RICE, Value Proposition Design, Jobs to be done, Business Model Canvas, AARRR.

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The Brandocracy concept employs a unique, integrated approach to branding: from brand building, strategic marketing, and employer branding to customer experience strategy, digital design, brand design, and business sparring partnerships, all these having in focus the business numbers and objectives.

We know very well that branding is not mainly about products, clients and competition. It is, first of all, about being different, authentic and relevant in every aspect of your business. It is why we envision the larger picture and that is how we look at brands. No matter what area of our expertise you need, we come with solutions that have a positive impact for both the company and the people.

We get to observe and work with brands in various industries, thus we understand the complexity of running a business. As knowledge integrators, we bring to our collaborations best marketing and brand positioning practices and a thorough market understanding. The aim is to support the business growth while building upon a foundation of significance.