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Healthcare Marketing Strategy and Brand Building

  • Date: September 1, 2019

  • Client: DigiRay


Our client, DigiRay, is the only network of Radiology clinics that can provide 3D printed surgical guides for all the dental implant systems in Romania. Each clinic works as a One Stop Scanning Shop for dental technology and imagery. DigiRay acts as a reliable partner for dentists, who get access to high-resolution X-rays, image processing, intraoral scans, and prosthetic works. Also, dentists benefit from DigiRay’s multidisciplinary expertise, which proves valuable support in establishing diagnosis fast, accurately, and in predicting the results of their interventions. Moreover, they employ technology that renders more comfort to patients and less X-ray exposure during the scans.

01. The Challenge

National reach

When Brandocracy started working with DigiRay, they already owned 11 Radiology centers. They were planning a larger national expansion and new market penetration for their products and services. The company did not communicate its brand in a defined voice, nor did it have a clear marketing strategy or proper visibility.

02. The solutions

Brand building and marketing positioning


Brand building

Brandocracy engaged the same approach as for most of our clients: connecting the business and the branding objectives. We are talking about the Brandocracy modular system that allows solution customization, with a focus on those specific actions that can act as traction vectors to generate the expected results.


Marketing positioning

We started with brand building and marketing positioning. We discovered and revealed the brand story, its mission, and values that would stand at the base of its future employer brand. Together with the client, we reevaluated the integration of their services and we developed the brand umbrella that will enforce the communication efforts. We defined the key messages and tone of voice. We drew specific recommendations, ready to consolidate and develop the DigiRay brand.

03. The marketing strategy

360 degree approach

The second stage consisted of building the marketing strategy.  We applied a 360 degree approach for each identified Buyer Persona, covering all possible channels. When we developed the DigiRay marketing strategy, we considered multiple strategic dimensions: the business objectives, the consumer experience, and, of course, the need to build the employer brand.

04. Assistance and consultancy

We stay close to our clients

DigiRay needed someone capable to implement the marketing strategy developed by Brandocracy. Therefore, our team offered support and consultancy to identify the right person to match the company’s expectations. Thus, we handed in the performance indicators that the company expected to be achieved to the new marketing specialist. This way, the management team was able to track the results of the strategy deployment. Together with the marketing strategy, the Brandocracy team provided the new marketing responsible with the content strategy and specialized consultancy to ensure the best tactical approach.

All this support was delivered as part of our natural way of staying close to our clients, beyond the simple report delivery. Assuming the impact and results of implementing our strategy is, for us, a matter of ethics. This is why we work together with our clients, so they can witness the achievement of their business objectives. We act as an external Marketing Department, as consultants, assisting the company’s marketing team.

– The Brandocracy Team

05. Internal and external communication

Key messages

The Brandocracy team created the key messages that are naturally integrated with all forms of internal and external communication, in both marketing and PR campaigns. Drawing these messages meant that we adapted the company’s sales speech, as well as the manner radiology assistants communicate with the clients, in all DigiRay centers across the country. This way, we ensured a coherent communication style, as one voice.

Besides the brand reconstruction, we work with DigiRay to integrate the technical dentistry laboratory as a concept within the Radiology centers at a national level. The new website is an important part of this endeavor.

Project timeline



Research, brand building, and delivery of the marketing strategy



Creation and development of a modern, efficient website with the latest technology.



Implementation support and business sparring partnership

06. Web Design

digiray.ro - Before & After



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