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Marketing strategy and brand building for the construction industry

  • Date: February 1, 2020

  • Client: EMS Floor Group


EMS Floor Group, our client, is the largest company in Romania that manufactures terrazzo resin-based floors. Their experience covers both national and international projects in countries from Central and Western Europe. The company was founded by two brothers, Claudiu and Marius Baciu; they wished to have their vision put in practice, to support the development of the entrepreneurial environment both in Romania, and beyond its borders. Moreover, they wanted to contribute to the well-being of people around them by putting in practice a sustainable and environment-friendly approach.

01. The Challenge

Poor visibility in Romania

At an international level, EMS Floor Grop is a well-known business in the construction industry, having lead large projects in Belgium and Luxembourg with great accomplishments in execution. In Romania, however, the company was less known, due to a lack of visibility on the market.

EMS Floor Group

02. The solutions

Connecting the business and the branding objectives

Brandocracy presented an approach that connects the business and the branding objectives. We are talking about a modular system that allows customized solutions, focusing on those activities that act as traction vectors for the expected results.


Brand building


The Inner Why

Together with our client, we uncovered EMS’s purpose. We defined and articulated “the Inner Why” so we could have a strong foundation to build the “how”: processes, organizational culture, brand experience, buyer persona, EMS differentiators, services, etc. as well as the “what”: the expected results.


360 degree marketing strategy

First, we conducted a market analysis on a national and international level. We studied the brand archetype and the Buyer Persona. With all these in mind and considering the company’s business objectives, we proceeded to create a 360 degree marketing strategy. We developed distinct strategies for each Buyer Persona that we had identified for EMS Floor Group. These customized strategies covered all the relevant channels where the company could meet its clients. We included in the marketing strategy the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) needed to track the results, as well as a content marketing strategy.


Employer of choice

While working with EMS, we discovered that one of their major priorities was to become an employer of choice in their field. Therefore, we focused our attention on this line and defined its employer branding strategy.


Key messages

The Brandocracy team drew up the key messages to be naturally integrated across the external and internal communication activities, as well as in the marketing and PR campaigns. Defining the key messages also meant to adapt the company’s sales speech and the entire tone of voice.

Strategie de marketing și brand building industria construcțiilor EMS Floor Group
Strategie de marketing și brand building industria construcțiilor EMS Floor Group
Strategie de marketing și brand building industria construcțiilor EMS Floor Group

Project Timeline



Research, brand building, and delivery of the marketing strategy



Marketing & Employer Branding workshop, delivered in-house and customized for the EMS Floor Group’s operational team



Implementation support and business sparring partnership

In addition to the brand building, we are working with EMS Floor Group to develop an integrated concept for their visual identity that would bring all their projects under the Group’s brand umbrella. The new EMS Floor Group website is an important part of this process.

03. Web Design

emsfloorgroup.ro - Before & After



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