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1. Why EMS Group?

Why did you choose to work for EMS Group / why are you here, in this company?

2. What does EMS Group mean to you?

Who are you for EMS Group? (in few words)

3. Where do you see EMS Group in 5 years / in 10 years

As a business, in Belgique and Luxembourg?;

4. In numbers: where will EMS Group be in 5 / 10 years

Scale, people, market image etc.

5. What would you change about EMS Group, about some steps in the past?

6. What is the brand differentiator: What makes EMS Group stand out in the market and how relevant is this differentiation?

From a market demands vs. competition point of view.

7. If you had to use one word or phrase to define EMS Group, what would it be?

8. Who are we addressing (what is the EMS Group target audience)?

9. What benefits (in terms of social responsability) does EMS Group offer the people, community / communities / corporations?

10.What is/are your biggest fear/fears regarding the EMS Group business (evolution, activity)?

11.What development/growth opportunities do you see for EMS Bel / Lux?

ADITIONALY: list 5 to 7 personal values you never abide from

Thank you for completing this questionnaire!

Brandocracy Team