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Our clients

The voice of our clients

Our clients come from various industries such as healthcare, legal, construction, IT, financial, education, culture or hospitality. It is their experience that best speaks about what we can do for you. Here are the words of some of the business owners and top executives who entrusted their brands to us.

Regina Maria
In Healthcare, the experience lived by the patient is extremely important. Even more so when it comes to hospitalization. We found in Brandocracy the partner who shares our attention to the well-being of the patient, coming with a strategic vision, doubled by an applied one. The strategy that they built for Regina Maria Cluj will surely support us in offering a premium experience to our patients.

— Greta Redeleanu, Marketing Manager

(The Private Healthcare Network) Regina Maria

Scoala informala de it
For over 4 years, we tried to build internally a communication strategy that would speak about the ideas, projects, values and services we offer. All this time, however, we felt that something was missing and that we manage to communicate only partially what we intended. Right after we started working with Brandocracy, Anca Rarau applied a method that brought out the red thread of our organization and enunciated it in a complete and remarkable way. This ensures us that the target audience understands our products faster and better. Anca also helped us with recommendations for the marketing strategy, which translated into business advantages for the company, shortly after having implemented them. I strongly recommend the Brandocracy method to any organization that undergoes the process of redefinition or re-invention and who wish to develop their brand nationally, even internationally.

— Răzvan Voica, co-founder & CEO

Scoala Informala de IT

Tera Plast
In 2018, we worked with Brandocracy on strategic marketing projects. The team coordinated by Anca Rarau demonstrated professionalism and recommended a set of growth perspectives regarding the positioning of the TeraPlast Group brands, which all translated into added value for our company.

— Mirela Pop, General Manager

TeraPlast Group

Anca is the first marketing director who believed in our ideas, in times when others considered them are naive or insignificant.

She supported projects which grew a lot, such as Jazz in the Park in Cluj, but also project which were created to remain small, such as Days of the North in Botoșani.

To me this means that Anca, before being a a marketing person, is a real, human person who seeks to understand the world and make it a little better, one who looks for meaning and purpose.

— Ștefan Teișanu, Director of the Cluj Cultural Centre

Co-founder of the Fapte Association, President of the North Association

Asociatia Administratorilor de Fonduri
For the brand building and communication projects, the Asociatia Administratorilor de Fonduri benefited from the expertise that Anca Rarau – managing partner Brandocracy – brought within our collaboration. I am especially thankful for the value added to our strategic approach, as well as for her implication in coordinating the operations in the relationship with the PR agency and the media.

— Jan Pricop, Executive Manager

Asociatia Administratorilor de Fonduri

Golden Tulip
We had the pleasure of meeting Anca Rarau during the training sessions organized for the Golden Tulip team.
In addition to the specific notions presented during the 2-day ”Customer Experience” training, Anca shared her experience with enthusiasm and an open heart and demonstrated a high level of professionalism. This way, she managed to create a proper atmosphere that encouraged our team to evolve by challenging our limits and helping us to better understand and decipher what our guests need. Not only did we find new things about ourselves, but we also rediscovered one another. We are looking forward to meeting Anca again for our next training.

— Larisa Budaca, General Manager

Golden Tulip Victoria Bucharest Hotel

Centrul Cultural Clujean
We worked with Anca Rarau from Brandocracy in organising the team and designing the marketing strategy for Centrul Cultural Clujean. Anca is a true professional, who commits 110% into her work in growing the projects in which she is involved. During our collaboration, I appreciated the structured, innovative approach she came with. For me, Anca is, before anything, an extraordinary person, a good adviser – with a special way of making you feel confident in your decisions, from strategy to the small things that bring out your story.

— Mihaela Orosan, Marketing Manager

Centrul Cultural Clujean

In events organizing, timing and creativity are crucial. We found in Brandocracy a valuable branding partner that exceeded our expectations and delighted our target audience. They have created our visual identity and delivered outcomes tailored to our brand values and based on a deep understanding of our project's mission while providing the best customer experience.

— Laura Savu, Founder

Women Rally