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The Way

Our Way

We built the Brandocracy concept and method because we felt the need to add coherence, relevance, and authenticity to the business environment where we act ourselves. We witness how an increasing number of brands search their identity, essence, and authenticity. Our belief is that strong, healthy brands favor healthy business growth and generate a better life for the people – be it clients, employees, owners or partners; just like a rich soil produces rich crops. We take upon ourselves the mission to enrich the ”branding soil” in our economic environment, nurture brands so that all of us can harvest the benefits.

The steps towards thriving brands

Our story is about the belief that our work has meaning and brings us joy when we support brands and people who found their real purpose in doing the right thing in business. We love to work with people who care about their employees, their business partners, and the communities they live in.

And then, what inspires us is the wish to accompany businesses in climbing the steps towards a garden of opportunities. We see the market as the fertile terrain where good, smart ideas can be planted to grow into authentic, strong brands, nourished by motivated people.

Just like the care of a gardener translates into lavish vegetation, our passion grows and grooms brands into relevant businesses. Together, we climb the steps to the next level.

Some people see branding and business as two separate matters. In our view, there is no brick wall between these two essential elements of a company. What to some may seem like a wall, to us is just the riser of the first step. We work with the power of the brand and the talent of its people to reach the business objectives. We nurture brands with expertise, knowledge, and guidance to fulfill their potential.

The Brandocracy Way

Brandocracy comes with an innovative approach to connecting business and branding objectives: a modular system that leads to personalized solutions for companies, both large or SMEs, from various industries (healthcare, construction, IT, financial, education, hospitality and many other). Our method covers brand building and positioning, brand and digital design, marketing strategy, customer experience, and employer branding.

We focus on differentiation, relevance, and authenticity, as principles that we also apply in our work. Alongside the companies we work with, we find what makes their businesses stand out and matter to them as owners, CEOs or top executives, their teams, customers, partners and the communities they impact.

The Brandocracy way of building brands and business growth has, at its center, the people behind brands. We understood early on that any achievement of a company would not be possible without the people working for and connected to it. Over the years, we built our expertise from a double perspective: as members of marketing teams and the top management within national and international businesses and as consultants for large or small companies.

The activity in the marketing departments and top management teams got us familiarized with the business target tables and KPIs. We knew that in order to reach those numbers, be it market share, sales volume or profitability, we needed to rely on dedicated people for whom the brand promise was an everyday reality. Having achieved this, we are able, as consultants, to come with recommendations that connect your business objectives to the branding strategy, making sure they happen.

We also experienced first hand how much the power of a brand relies on the satisfaction and motivation of its employees, customers, and shareholders. As a result, we combine rough numbers, scientific methods and pragmatic thinking with empathy and emotion. We’ve seen the great impact that people who feel valued have on business growth.

We are what is called “people persons”, so you’ll find us happy to get close to the people we work with, talk to them, listen to their stories, fears, and dreams. We look at the relevant business numbers, the organizational culture, the customer journey, then bring our expertise in brand positioning, our knowledge of the market and creative ideas. With the help of reason and a great deal of heart we work together with you and your teams to build strategies that will make your brand stand out, have an authentic voice, have meaning to the people behind it and meet the numbers that matter.