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Brand Building

Areas of Expertise

Brand Building

Brand building is the process of shaping customers’ emotions, feelings, memories, and opinions associated with your brand through a strategy-driven plan that stands the test of time and people.

If you are on this page, perhaps it is the right time to start building your brand or re-affirming it. We are here to talk about it, to lend a hand. This is the perfect moment to define with clarity the purpose of your business, what motivates you, as owner or top executive to invest time and energy into growing that company. The reason behind all actions goes beyond mere profit. It is the inner motivation to find answers to society’s needs and ways to improve people’s lives. It is what empowers your collaborators and employees to give their best in moving the business forward to a better world.

Brand Building – Strategy Pillars of your Brand

Together with you, we’ll explore the standing pillars of your brand, what roles they play in getting your business to the next level or reposition it. We’ll uncover those elements that lead your company in unraveling the right thing, in line with its core mission. Just like Peter Drucker suggested: ”efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”. This „reason for being” will point to the correct brand positioning. Having this well established, the story of your brand will be told in a coherent, authentic way. We’ll build clear, well structured messages to communicate the brand’s “raison d’être”, everything it stands for. As a result, people will perceive your company in the way you intended, through their experience with the brand.

Brand Building - How we build and position a brand

We assess your brand from various points of view: past and present messages and campaigns, positioning in relation to competitors, research on customer behavior, studying internal and external sources.

We also talk to the brand’s key people from CEO, shareholders, top executives to HR and Marketing teams, other decision makers and influencers. We conduct interviews to establish a common vision of your brand, run a SWOT analysis. In our approach, we also analyze and define the brand archetype, which is to be considered in building the brand strategy. Once we gathered the necessary information, we work on the deliverables.

At the end of the process, you’ll receive the branding strategy including brand analysis, rhetoric, internal and external key messages, recommendations on how to grow and consolidate the brand in line with the business objectives.

We want to make sure that what we’ve built together with you translates into a coherent brand positioning or re-definition. Thus, we also create the visual rebranding, provide a brand communication brief for the creative agency and coordinate the implementing of the creative directions.

Other Areas of Expertise

Wishing to offer personalized solutions, we developed an innovative, integrated method of branding and business modules based on our areas of expertise.

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